The Cuevas and Kuna Tribes were the first settlers of this land. The Kuna gave it the name which means land Capurganà chili.

This region has historical importance because here the first city founded by Europeans in the American mainland was built, Santa María la Antigua del Darién in 1510.

Jungle Treks

Inside this forest there are Jaguars, deer, rare bats, tapirs, canids jungle, Howler monkeys and numerous variety of colorful birds such as the Macaw (the Ara parrot genus) and the Harpy Eagle. studies estimate that there are also 700 species of flowers, belonging to 116 different families.

Biodiversity of Capurganá

According to the WWF Choco+Darien=Biodiversity

  • There are more than 8,000 plant species; nearly 20% of them endemic.
  • There are at least 97 reptile species; 127 amphibian species; and close to 600 bird species.
  • Indigenous groups found here include Embera, Waunanas, Kunas, Awa-Kwaikeres and Chachis.


What to do in Capurganá

In Capurganá you can fully enjoy Caribbean culture, tranquil peaceful beaches, the lush jungle of the Darién Gap ranked as one of the richest regions in biodiversity in the world which goes right up to the shore. There are no cars, people are friendly, and there are many activities to do in contact with nature. Whether you are looking for adventure or to relax, Capurganá is the ideal place to enjoy your holiday to the maximum.

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