Remember that Capurganà has no banks or ATMs/cashpoints.


The only service is Pac Bancolombia and if you do not have an account at Bancolombia, it's better to bring cash.


If you bring cash its best to bring Colombian Pesos.


You can exchange dollars, however, bear in mind that the local exchange rate is below the standard bank rates.

Euros can be changed sometimes but again the exchange rate is poor.

ATM in Acandí

There is an ATM in Acandí, however, it does not always work and you may make the trip in vain, the trip costs COP $20,000 each way and takes 30 minutes. There is one boat a day, it leaves at 8AM and returns from Acandí at 1PM.

Credit Cards Taken

The good news is that at Dive and Green we take credit cards.

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