Diving in Capurganá

Capurganá located along the Caribbean Sea in Colombia, has one of the few pristine reefs in the world, this is confirmed by its inclusion as a new protected area and marine national park, each dive site stands out for the richness and diversity of its coral reef. This allows a number of reef species to find refuge and make this their home for at least a part of their growth cycle.

In your dives you will see a variety of corals and fish, almost all of those that exist the Caribbean Sea; highlights include: Surgeons, French Angel, nurse sharks, Turtles, Rays. Lobsters, Octopus and more.

We have around 30 dive sites each with different characteristics and also our proximity to San Blas in Panama allows us to enjoy diving in this area too.

Enjoy our warm waters with excellent visibility most of the year! Capurganá

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