Dive in Capurgana

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Off the beaten Track between the Caribbean Sea and the Virgin Jungle of the Darien Gap, one of the most remote areas in the world.

Capurganá, the first diving location in South America

Capurganá is south of the San Blas Islands, which has the fifth largest coral reef in the world, over 200 miles long. The Kuna tribe, native to San Blas, do not allow scuba diving so Capurganá is the first diving location in South America.

Capurganá is situated to the north of the first city founded by the Spanish on the mainland, Santa Maria la Antigua del Darien, from where Balboa started his expedition to discover the Pacific Ocean.

Dive in:

Water so warm you dont need a wetsuit (30°C) with Visibility 20 to 30 meters for most of the year.

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