The wetsuit is optional

  • If you are a diver, do not forget to bring your basic equipment, flashlight and logbook. The wet suit is optional.
  • Also, do not forget sunscreen, insect repellent, comfortable light clothing, and a pair of shoes or sneakers with good grip, so you have more enjoyable ecological tours.
  • Remember that Capurganà has no banks or ATMs. The only service is Pac Bancolombia and if you do not have an account at Bancolombia, it's better to bring cash. See more detailed Bank Information
  • When you come, you can enjoy an environment without pollution or contamination, breathe deep, Give a breath fresh air into your lungs. In Capurganá there are no cars; the most common means of transport is the bicycle, horse drawn carts for goods, and boats to get from one coastal village to another.
  • When choosing Capurganà as the destination for your next vacation diving, do not think it's going to be the typical dive destinations where the hotel is your only chance for fun after diving. In Capurganà, life is out and about: walk the streets, talk to people and try the great capurganalera cuisine.
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